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Saturday Morning Ritual

The mom and I are currently trying to make a Saturday morning ritual of getting up bright and early, going to our local coffee shop, and doing devotionals. It’s a work in progress. We love early mornings, and we’ve both been striving to have a better devotional time, so we thought up the idea. It won’t come as a surprise to discover that Southern Indiana has been snowed upon since October. So, our early morning ritual plans have somewhat been taking a backseat to the horrible snow piling up in our front yard, driveway and streets.


Consistency has always been a struggle for us, but it wouldn’t be if we didn’t have this weather. Luckily, since it’s March already, it should go away soon. Hopefully.


Anyways, morning devotionals reign true as divine ways to spend a morning (especially in an adorable coffee shop). We love the time to bond and feel rejuvinated from the smell of coffee wafting around us.


Spending time with mom is one of my top priorities, I hope that it may be yours too. Much love to mothers everywhere.